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September 23, 2008 - New Instant Star & Samurai Girl Videos

  • Added new videos:

    • Jake/Heaven: All The Same from Samurai Girl >> Other TV Shows
    • Karma/Spiederman: What For and Whatever It Takes from
         Instant Star >> Other TV Shows

June 6, 2008 - New Dean/Brooke video

  • Added new video:

    • Dean/Brooke: Love Burns from Supernatural/One Tree Hill >> Crossover/Misc.

June 1, 2008 - New Layout and Videos!

  • New layout for theSummer: Karma & Spied from Instant Star
  • Updated/fixed video links
  • Added new videos:

    • Jason/Paige: You Found Me >> Falcon Beach
    • Ami/Darien: Broken from Sailor Moon >> Other TV Shows
    • Kimmy/Mitch: Back to You Trailer from Pepper Dennis >> Other TV Shows

April 14, 2008 - New Caleb/Lana Video

  • Added a new video:

    • Caleb/Lana: Return to Me Pt.2 from The Covenant/Smallville >> Crossover/Misc.

April 1, 2008 - Re-Uploaded Videos & Added New Videos

  • Updated the Awards section
  • Added new videos:

    • Caleb/Lana: Return to Me Pt.1 from The Covenant/Smallville >> Crossover/Misc.
    • Kim/Jason/Trini: Teardrops On My Guitar from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers >> Other TV Shows
    • Kim/Jason: Things I'll Never Say from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers >> Other TV Shows
    • Kyle/Declan: Keep This A Secret from Kyle XY >> Other TV Shows
    • Elizabeth/Todd: I Will Be from Sweet Valley High >> Other TV Shows

  • Re-uploaded music videos:

    • Tristan/Rory: Anytime >> Gilmore Girls
    • Brian/Justin: Life in Mono >> Queer As Folk
    • Brian/Justin: Warning Sign >> Queer As Folk
    • Brian/Justin: Somewher Only We Know >> Queer As Folk
    • Kyle Valenti: Irresistible Kyle >> Roswell
    • Kyle/Tess/Liz: Who Do You Love? >> Roswell
    • Isabel/Alex: At Last >> Roswell
    • Kyle/Isabel: Abracadabra >> Roswell
    • Clark/Lana: Spin from Smallville >> Other TV Shows
    • Zack/Kelly: White Flag from Saved By the Bell >> Other TV Shows

October 5, 2007 - New Videos

  • Added new videos:

    • Sam and Lana: Falling Pt.1 >> Crossover/Misc.
    • Sam and Woody: When Did Your Heart Go Missing? from Las Vegas/Crossing Jordan >>> Crossover/Misc.

  • Added new awards section

September 1, 2007 - New Layout and New Videos

  • New Layout for the Fall featuring Lana Lang & Sam Winchester
  • Updated most of the video links.
  • Added new videos:

    • Buffy and Riley: Goodbye My Lover >> Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Tristan and Rory: I Can't Let Go >> Gilmore Girls
    • Trip and Tory: Enough from Black Sash >> Other TV Shows
    • Elizabeth and Todd: Innocence from Sweet Valley High >> Other TV Shows